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Foundation Stage Unit

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Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit with 

Mrs Emptage,

Mrs Hinchliffe,

Miss Chugg,  Miss Troke and Mrs Kingdon

                            AirBrush 20210430152449 1What your child will be learning this term:- 

pdfMonkleigh FSU Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1 2021

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docxFrog Life Cycle    docxButterfly Life Cycle     docxChicken Life Cycle

We have been learning all about under the sea, we have learnt all about the wonderful animals that live under the sea and what we may find under the service. We have had a lovely time playing with sand and being creative in many ways linked to this theme. 

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We have continued to learn about Life Cycles and have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We are very proud of the art work and writing that we have created. Our drawings of caterpillars are very expressive. We worked hard to develop our ICT skills while drawing Caterpillars.


We have read The Hungry Caterpillar and learnt about Eric Carle and his style of stories. Our knowledge and understanding of vocabulary linked with the butterfly life cycle has really developed as we read the story. 

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We had great fun making fruit kebabs which were inspired by the foods that the Hungry Caterpillar ate. We had to cut the fruit carefully and safely.

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We are continuing to develop our outside area and now have our gravel pit, beautifully decorated with our herbs and flowers in tyres. If anyone has any old diggers, hard hats or JCB toys that you would like to donate to this area, they would be very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who donated plants.

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In Maths the children have been exploring ordering and recognising numbers. This includes 'subitising' being able to recognise an amount with counting - for example seeing three rather than counting 3. The children in Butterflies enjoyed teaching the Caterpillar children about this.  We have also been developing our fine motor skills and knowledge of repeating patterns.


The children continue to make good progress with their reading and writing. Thank you for everything that you do to support this at home. It is wonderful to see the children opening their books at every opportunity to have an extra read!

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During the final week of this half term, we have been learning about Safety in the Sun. the sunshine even eventually came out for us towards the end of the week. Here you can see us exploring shadows.

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We have spent time thinking about how we can reduce our exposure to the Sun and what we can do to make sure that we stay hydrated. 


We used our creative and cutting skills to make sun catchers. Our investigation into melting really triggered the children's curiosity. They even decided to extend their experiment to see whether objects would melt faster in the direct sunlight, partial shade or full shade!

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The Summer 2 Curriculum Newsletter and Vocabulary Triangles for next term are now also available on the website. 


This term we are learning about Life Cycles. We will be learning about the life cycle of a frog, a hen and a butterfly. We have started learning about the life cycle of a frog and are very excited about reading our new books.

We are enjoying making our own displays to show what we have learnt about the life cycle of a frog.


We are working very hard to challenge ourselves to show what we are able to do independently. We are enjoying showing off our reading, writing and maths skills in lots of different ways. We love to celebrate the work that we have produced with all of our friends in the class.


We are getting really good at recognising and remembering number facts for all numbers to ten. We are developing our use of maths vocabulary and have been learning the meaning of the words: represent, order, match, pair, odd and even.

Our writing area is always busy. We have a daily sentence challenge where we choose an interesting picture and write about it. At the moment we are working on using describing words such as ‘big red bus’ to add extra detail to our writing.

Here are some examples of work that we have created independently. We always display the work that we are proud of on our Wow! board.

We have been exploring colour mixing and the different shades of colour that can be made. Using the ziplock wallets allowed us to explore mark making at the same time.

Artists at work!


We enjoy working together and sharing our ideas in the FSU.