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Class 2

  Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Slocombe and Mrs Mayhew

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What your child will be learning about this term: pdfClass 2 curriculum newsletter - Summer 2021

Class 2 have been working on colour this term in art and we have really enjoyed studying Picasso, Kandinsky and Mondrian. We are pleased with our art gallery in the classroom.

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We have been using scratch to do some coding in our computer lessons. We have learned that we need to be very precise and give simple instructions.

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We have been carrying out some experiments to see how friction affects the speed of a toy car on a ramp.  This was great fun and we found out that we did not all get the same results but that the felt covered ramp had the most friction.

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We made fruit ice- lollies in our Design Technology Lesson.

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Have a look at how busy and how much fun Class 2 has!

We dressed up for World Book Day during the lockdown. We had lots of Harry Potter fans and  recreated the front cover of Paper Dolls for our reading challenge. 

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Our Wildlife survey in outdoor learning. Everyone surveyed a part of the hedge and noted what we saw and heard. We went back a month later to see what had changed. 


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We made lighthouses at the end of our work on electricity.

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The School had some new play equipment outside and class 2 were lucky enough to be the first to play on it.

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Moving in maths to BBC supermovers.

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Using place value counters to understand the number system. 

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Maths games to support our maths lessons. 

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